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Chicano Graffiti

The term ‘Chicano‘ is a form of Mexican-American self-identification that emerged as a communicative act of reaffirmation and consolidation of this identity, while also aligning with a significant countercultural movement of the time. Chicano identification spanned various areas, ranging from social and educational movements to what resonated most with us in urban culture and the arts. From the onset of the movement to the present day, ‘Chicanos’ have embraced Hip Hop principles such as cultural awareness, artistic expression, and the inclusion of the marginalized, always emphasizing the recognition and reaffirmation of ethnic hybridization. We embrace the Chicano identity because it represents a significant facet of our individual lives and our role within Hip Hop culture.

Artist bio

About huereck

The style and inventiveness of «Huereck» are inscribed in contemporary surrealism. Although, for the most purist thinking, the implications of this definition should refer to academic references, but the work of «Huereck» is closer to anti-academicism.

Not so much because of the lack of technique in his work, but rather because his work is presented as an anti-ideological and, therefore, anti-academic act. In this perspective, plastic art is deployed through urban techniques and narratives used to reveal «the ephemerality» of art and, ultimately, «the futility» of communication as an exercise of power and ideological indoctrination.

Therefore, «something» we can comment on Huereck’s work: Through urban fiction and contemporary techniques, he expresses a surrealist/magical realism/urban fiction style and worldview that evidences the meaninglessness of the narratives that society accepts as «true» and regularly unquestioned.


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